• District Committee Member  (Winnie S)
  • Alternate District Committee Member  (Wayne L)
  • Treasurer (Dave B)
  • Corrections & Treatment Facilities  (Michael M)
  • Public Information/Co-operation with the Professional Community (Pam Y)
  • District 48 Literature (Sharon C)
  • Self Support (Charlene H)
  • Grapevine (Johanna C)
  • Archives: (Linda McQ)
  • Webmaster (Richard H.)
  • Secretary/Registrar (Rachel L)

District Sub-Committees

There are many ways to be of service to AA and our fellow members. Twelve Step work and serving at our home group are but two examples.   There are a number of service sub-committees that exist within the District.  Our various District Sub-Committees  are listed below.  If you feel called to serve on any of these committees,  please complete the contact information on the contact form at the left.    Please note there are some positions that have a pre-requisite for minimum periods of sobriety.  District Officers as of December 2015 are as follows:

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.                
Third Tradition, 12 Traditions of AA

AA Seaway Valley North District 48


District Meeting  1st Tuesday of each month, 7PM, Winchester United Church